My Passion that is Massage

I have been telling people for 10+ years that I wanted to pursue massage therapy as my career.  What could be more perfect than being my own boss and spending my days relaxing people in a serene environment?  I don’t even consider massage a “job” because I love doing it so much.  The gratitude my clients express to me fuels my passion all the more!

But I had to look deeper into my past to remember the initial spark that made me a believer.  It was the grandmother of my best friend.  June Walker was a physical therapist in Phoenix (my home town) who worked for herself.  Her clientele was mostly the elderly.  She would take her table the their houses and intregrate massage with physical therapy.  She always amazed me with knowledge and melted me with her every touch.  Whenever I passed her by, she would correct my posture, then reach out and squeeze my shoulders or neck.  I remember feeling the instant tension relief and rejuvenated the rest of the day.  She would also apply pressure to points on my sinus’ and immediately relieve the crippling headaches I would frequently get.

I remember thinking ” I want to be able to touch people and make them feel this way”.  I was a young teenager at the time and did not think about my experiences seriously for another 10 years.  For many years I had no direction in what career I would like to pursue.  I eventually went to school for medical assistant and realized I love learning!  I enjoyed the medical field for the next 12 years.  I loved helping people.  Unfortunately the politics and bottom line that are taking over the medical field have become repulsive to me.

During these 12 years is when I received my first massages.  My mother, sisters and I would go to the local massage schools and have the students practice there skills on us.  Yay massage!  I would then take a few hands on massage courses to the public and then practice these techniques on anyone who would let me (mostly co-workers and family).  I was greatly encouraged by all, stating I “had the touch”.  I believe it was the enthusiastic appreciation by 99% of my early victims that made me realize that I could continue this in a career to help people.  Massage actually produced more immediate and direct results than helping in a doctors office.

Every job I have ever acquired, I strived to excel from a daycare teacher, to a collector at a major motor company, to a nurse and now to a massage therapist!  Pursuing massage therapy is by far the best career decision I have ever made and I vow to strive to excellence!


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